An Artwork a Day... #09 FERRO: "Colour Space 15:28"

An Artwork a Day...
#09 FERRO: "Colour Space 15:28"

Acrylic glass, citro yellow, iron
27,5x37,5x25 cm

A fine, levitating structure on a shiny semi-transparent background – taking a closer look FERRO’s “Colour Space 15:28 ” appears to be a three-dimensional drawing of delicate black and red rods. Sensible to every breeze, this structure softly floats in constant motion in this contained yellow world and against all odds, it forms a transmission between two and three-dimensionality. Indeed it goes even further and follows its own rules of temporality, becoming the main performer on this meticulous stage of another reality: mesmerizing the beholder’s gaze, by acting out its own show.

"In my eyes my sculptures are three-dimensional drawings in a space. They form their shapes whilst observing and understanding them. It is a play with different weights, a play with heaviness and lightness" - FERRO "Levitating Composition" at MAM, 2018.

FERRO has internationally worked for more than forty years as an artist as well as lecturer around the globe. His artworks have been presented in major shows and institutions and are part of important collections, such as the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection. With the solo show "Levitating Composition" in 2018, MARIO MAURONER CONTEMPORARY ART firstly introduced the artist´s work in Vienna.