An Artwork a Day... #08 Fabrizio PLESSI: "Traum"

An Artwork a Day...
#08 Fabrizio PLESSI: "Traum"

monolithic marble, plasma screen TV, USB stick, iron structure, screws
200 x 100 x 12 cm

FABRIZIO PLESSI’s oeuvre is like an erratic block, which stands out between the Italian representatives of the Arte Povera and the considerably younger ones of Transavanguardia. Topics like fire and water, mythology and the history of mankind are central in his body of work, which designates PLESSI in art history - together with Nam June Paik - as coinventor of „video sculpture“.

„Traum“ – one of his often published and for his exhibition at Gropius Bau in Berlin created „chef d’oeuvre“, is an homage to Sigmund Freud and his epochal opus magnum „Interpretation of Dreams“. Behind a huge marble monolith, that symbolizes our everyday stony reality, glimmers a world of illusions, dreams and fantasies and appears like an abysmal lake, reflecting the ambiguous moonlight.