Breaking social barriers, living beyond borders, escaping the familiar… Favouring horizontal rather than vertical paths, those which offer surprises, discoveries, unlikely encounters…
There is a world out there that is in constant flux. This world to be shared is at the core of the adventure, the ineluctable project called AKAA.
AKAA stands for a multifaceted Africa, which transcends historical boundaries and whose voice resonates in the four corners of the world, carried by the vision of each artist.
Our Africa is fluid, complex and permeable. It influences and inspires the world by its capacity to innovate and create.
Within a site emblematic of the Parisian architecture, we conceived an event where African and global visions come together to draw a new map of the contemporary art scene.
AKAA is a collaborative project made possible by men and women who share a common passion: engage, transmit, share.
Last year saw the emergence of a chemistry, an effervescence, a positive energy conducive to establishing the market; artists, galleries and art lovers gathered in a welcoming, inclusive and professional space.
AKAA has demonstrated that joining forces and bringing together major actors of the emerging contemporary art scene from Africa can make a difference.
We are pleased to invite you on November 10-12 2017 to discover 38 galleries and 150 artists from 28 different countries inside the beautiful Carreau du Temple.
Four days to share the African energy, hear its hum and feel its vibration.

November 10-12, 2017
Carreau du Temple, Paris